Our services

We offer a wide range of services.

Media Relations
  • Organizing press conferences and media tours

  • Liaison for press briefings, interviews and roundtables

  • Writing of timely and appropriate press releases

  • Design & Production of quality written communications like brochures, newsletters, advertorials etc.

  • Media Mobilization and Facilitation

  • Development of Opinion Pieces, Columns and Editorials

  • Development of media plans and campaigns

  • Media Buy In

  • Development and production of Radio ads and documentaries



Event Organization & Management
  • We plan events right from the conceptualization to the implementation and review of the event
  • We work with your budget to get you the right venue and the right services at the right price
  • We co-ordinate all the aspects of the event to ensure every detail runs as planned
  • We evaluate the event  through surveys and questionnaires in order to get you valuable feedback
  • We make recommendations based on the data obtained in order to ensure that your future events are a success
Crisis Communications
  • We believe crisis communication support is critical in any communication support plan, to address both the reputational risk and fundamental operational risks during such an occurrence.
  • We acknowledge the problem and announce it first not waiting to be cornered
  • Identify the spokesperson and Set up  an Empowerment Committee
  • Seek legal counsel and draft a crisis communication plan
  • Online reputation management.
Corporate Citizenship
  • We assist organizations to align their corporate citizenship values with their business objectives.
  • We identify good neighbor partnership activities; develop general community understanding & support of company issues in and around sphere of operation
Virtual Events (Webinars, Conferences, Launches, Expos...)
  • Via our pool of resources, MMP will centralize and streamline all event lifecycle operations in one software platform. Coordinate event live stream on various online available platforms as preferred by the client (Zoom, YouTube, Facebook…).
  • Fully customize the content of the event, from the name, date, speakers and the venue
  • Upload event content, banners, logos and pictures to better communicate the event.
  • Development of event page template in the organization’s colours. Create branded invitation campaigns
  • Customize online platform to welcome your attendee with dynamic lobby background.
  • Support banner display in order to gain more exposure for exhibitors and sponsors.
  • Companies can have their customizable display booth showcasing company multimedia elements including e-brochures, posters, videos and more.
  • Visitors can chat with company representatives at booth for expos.
  • Visitor count is instantly reflected to show your booth popularity like what we see at physical event floor.
Photography and Videography
  • We offer a range of professional photography and videography services to suit your needs.
  • We cover events of all sizes, from a small occasion to an international conference
  • Our focus is on quality, so we only use fully qualified photographers and videographers with top of the range equipment to ensure that we capture the best possible shots and angles.
  • Our focus is not only capturing the form but also relate a product or structure to its surroundings through the creative use of color, light, and photographic composition.
PR & Communication Strategies
  • We evaluate and access your organisation’s communication needs
  • We come up with effective and practical strategies to meet your organization’s communication needs
  • We come up with aptly designed communication strategies during crises at your organization
  • We develop PR and Corporate Strategies
  • We guide organizational heads in writing impeccable speeches to suit different occasions
  • Develop an internal communication strategy and policy
Digital Media & PR

We run a robust digital media team that ensures you get value for money on your digital campaign.

  • Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Website hosting design and maintenance
  • Digital marketing strategy and execution
  • Google and Facebook advertisement etc.
  • Create social media, web and blog assets
  • Tracking of ad exposure on TV and Radio
  • On-line media planning and media tracking
  • County and National mobilization through:
  • Communications channels
  • Problem solving
  • Resource mobilization
  • Administrative and operational management
Outreach PR
  • We engage with individuals and Organization’s with the view of serving them as a resource.
  • We provide educational services and raising awareness of existing services with client and stakeholders
  • We facilitate through interaction & engagement in a friendly knowledgeable and professional way with people of any background
  • We complement clients marketing and advertising with a personal touch through:
    1. One on one forums
    2. Community forums
    3. Leaflets and flyers among others
Social Media

Manage and facilitate coverage on social on various social media platforms

  • Develop engaging content via use of creative authentic video, links, infographics and pics across the various social media platforms
  • Creation and executing of participatory online campaigns
  • Use of facebook live and similar features to allow for audience engagement
  • Re-tweet and share relevant crowd sourced content
  • Outsource and manage media personalities, influencers and bloggers
  • We use our pool of resources to lobby and mobilize for various stakeholders
  • We draw attention to an important issue and direct decision-makers to a solution.
  • Our focus is to assist you to change policies and practices, reform institutions, alter power relations, change attitudes and behaviors and give your project work a broader impact.
  • We focus on developing accountability and transparency of local governments and public services/institutions.

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